Ketan, you connect to the network, it brings you income.

What is Ketan?

Cryptocurrencies have gained wide popularity and brought incredible profits to their investors due to investments in mining. But the increasing complexity and required amounts of money for investments forced people to look for alternative ways of cryptocurrency extraction. Technologies are constantly developing, and soon new algorithms were introduced to the world, changing the approach to mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

About Ketan

Ketan was specially developed at the junction of two new crypto mining technologies - PoS and masternodes, which bring profit due to long-term storage of cryptocurrency on user's wallets. This is safe and allows you not to worry about the failure of equipment and losses arising from possible cryptocurrency rate decrease.

New technologies, which are implemented in Ketan, provide high security and are profitable for investment. Long-term coin holding provides long-term growth of the cryptocurrency and allows investors to diversify risks. Mixing PoS and masternode algorithms ensures high profitability and accessibility for anyone who wants to invest in this promising sector, since it does not require large investments at the beginning.

The work is structured in such a way that the higher the share of coins held by the investor, the greater the probability of signing a new block is as well as the reward. This encourages users to hold coins and reinvest, supporting the exchange rate and raising the profit.

Ketan Specifications

  • 210 000 000 Max Supply
  • 30% PoS reward
  • 1 minute Block Time
  • 70% Masternode reward
Coin name Ketan
Coin ticker KETAN
Block Time 1 minute
Rewards MN - 70%, POS - 30%
Max Supply 210 000 000
Required coins for MN 5000
Premine 200 000
1 - 4000 1
4001 - 8000 50
8001 - 14000 100
14001 - 28000 200
after 28001 100



  • 01Official release
    Launch website
    MN rank sites
  • 02White paper beta
    Web wallet
    Paper wallet
  • 03White paper release
    Update wallets
    Android app
  • 04Update roadmap
    Update White paper
    IOS wallet

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